Trina at 25: The Upbeat Goes On

 Twenty-five years in the often-fickle fashion industry is no mean feat. Staying power requires more than pretty clothes (although that's certainly part of it!); there has to be meaning behind the brand, a raison d'etre that consistently speaks to people.  

Here it's optimism, pure and simple. Vibrant color and bold prints lift spirits, brightens moods, and creates joy. No one gets tired of feeling good.  
TT Brand Book

In case you missed this gorgeous book created last year to celebrate our anniversary, we've included some images of the Trina Turk brand throughout its evolution. The colors and prints change over the years, yet always stay true to their beginnings.  

    Luxe fabric covers this book in colorful Morning Sunrise print, a 25th-anniversary exclusive, giving each book a unique touch.

    TT - 25th Anniversary Book

    Vintage fashion photography highlights early inspirations.

    TT - 25th Anniversary Book

    Just a taste of some mid-century modern architecture-inspiration, which has a major influence on the brand.

    TT - 25th Anniversary Book

      Just a peek inside Trina's home. 

      TT - 25th Anniversary Book

      Don't forget color! Signature prints and vibrant hues are what Trina Turk is all about!  

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