Palm Spring's 20th Anniversary!

Join us in celebrating the 20th anniversary of the flagship boutique in Palm Springs, CA with Trina Turk. Trina shares the evolution of her first boutique and divulges why Palm Springs is so iconic to the Trina Turk brand.

TRINA TURK Palm Springs Boutique

In 2002, Trina Turk opened her first boutique in Palm Springs, centralizing around its "world-class architecture and amazing natural landscape." 

Trina Turk Palm Springs Boutique

What Trina loves about Palm Springs is "the landscape, climate and architecture. I love that we don't have to go to an airport for a weekend getaway. I love the vintage shopping, and all of the cool people I've met in the desert--most of them interested in design and architecture."

"We opened Palm Springs first, in 2002. We picked that spot because we liked the architecture of the building"
- Trina Turk

"There is something about [Palm Springs] that just instantly puts you in a relaxed state of mind and feeling inspired. The combination of the weather, the architecture, and the lifestyle make it easy to adopt a carefree attitude and just enjoy the days and appreciate the beauty of the desert landscape. OR The Palm Springs Modernism Show in February is a visual treat, and a source of inspiration for everything we do at Trina Turk."

Trina Turk Palm Springs Boutique

Trina's vision of modern Palm Springs "preserves the classic midcentury architecture of the past in combination with new development that is of the caliber of the mid century architecture. It's not enough for a new building to be modern in design--it should be a great example of what's currently possible in architecture."

Midcentury Modern architecture not only influences Trina's prints, patterns, and silhouettes, but also the interior design of each boutique. Carefully chosen details and meticulously placed decor adorn every one of her boutiques across the country, coming to life first in Palm Springs.

"I love the work of Albert Frey. Frey is a well-known desert modernist architect who designed many buildings in Palm Springs, including our first Trina Turk boutique. I had always loved the space where our original boutique is located, which used to be a vintage modern furniture store. I liked the abundant natural light and the airiness of the space--with windows front and back. It was later we learned that the building had been designed by Albert Frey in 1961." - Trina Turk

Trina Turk | Mr Turk Palm Springs Boutique

Over the past two decades in Palm Springs, the interest in classic midcentury architecture and Modernism Weeks have exploded. Trina has personally been involved in the Modernism Week and Palm Springs Architecture and Design Museum events.  

One of our best takeaways from Trina about Palm Springs is to appreciate "the amazing natural landscape and climate. A cocktail by a glowing turquoise pool as the sun sets over the mountains is pretty hard to beat." - Trina Turk

Celebrate with us in Palm Springs

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