Vera Neumann


A true female leader, Vera Neumann has been a major inspiration to Trina and has greatly impacted the development and growth of the Trina Turk brand.

The most successful female entrepreneur of the 1960s and ’70s prime, Vera Neumann made millions as a creator of bold floral and abstract patterns. Her scarves were showcased in over 20,000 fine stores around the world. Her home and sleek showrooms were designed by architect Marcel Breuer. Her winsome design of a ladybug served as her logo on a wide line of textiles, scarves, wallpapers and assorted housewares—all brightly colored and signed with a simple, resounding signature: Vera.

Vera Neumann


The Legacy

Her body of work spans decades – from one brushover 8,000
designs copyrighted in the library of congress over 20,000 scarves in color
variations of the designs thousands of pieces of art.

The History

Vera's artwork sold internationally in over 20,000 stores over 100 million dollars
in annual sales in the 1970s products included scarves, apparel, home linens,
dishes, wallpaper and umbrellas.

The Iconic American Artist

Exhibited at MOMA honored by a Smithsonian retrospective archived at
Metropolitan Museum of Art - Costume Institute immortalized in the book,
“Vera: The Art And Life Of An Icon”

Vera Neumann Cocktail Reception

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